28 GETTING TO KNOW... Andrew Jamieson, who previously worked in our farm business consultancy team, is back at George F. White as a Partner. We borrowed a few minutes of his time to find out about what he’s been up to in his time away, his plans for George F. White and his views on the political landscape in the UK. Welcome back Andrew. How have your first few months back been? Thank you. When I made the decision to come back to George F. White, I wanted to immerse myself in the industry I loved, farm business consultancy, and I truly am! I have to say, the culture’s just fantastic; there’s so much ambition and skill in all of the teams and a real focus on nurturing and developing talent. The business is now directly focused on our clients and delivering the best possible results utilising all of our professional services. We’re clearly delighted you made the move! What does your new role as Partner entail? I’m based in the Duns office predominantly; leading the farm business consultancy team in Northumberland and the Borders, whilst concentrating on expanding all our services across Cumbria. What have you been doing in your time away? I’ve been working with farmers and landowners, delivering traditional land agency and farm consultancy advice, but with a more modern focus on business strengths and profitability. I’ve been working with a number of clients on large scale changes to their businesses and assets. I’ve also got married and had two children! The current economic and political landscape, what is your outlook? I believe that rural businesses will face significant changes in the next decade, both economic and political. I’ve a strong opinion that businesses need to think strategically and focus on where they can improve output and also save cost. They may also seek to take advantage of the opportunities which come along to increase the diversity of their income streams. Realistically, we don’t know what the future holds for UK farming; my outlook is that traditional farming businesses need to look at, enhance and reinvest in their assets to put them on a stronger financial footing should subsides be cut in 2021. Finally, what do you hope to achieve at George F. White? I’m passionate about the UK agricultural industry and with the team at George F. White; I believe we can help our clients innovate and develop their businesses to adapt to changes and take advantage of any opportunities which may arise. With my team I hope to develop our client offering further and become the industry leading farm consultancy team across our region. I also hope to engage with new clients on new and exciting projects as well as help deliver tangible change to their businesses. ▪