5 A NOTE FROM OUR MANAGING PARTNER, ROBYN PEAT "Here at George F. White, we welcomed the New Year with open arms. 2019 marks our 40th year in business, a true achievement and a momentous occasion that we’ll be celebrating throughout the year. Our 40th anniversary has given us the opportunity to look back at our past, commemorate our humble beginnings, of which we are extremely proud and look towards the future. I’m honoured to say that we still hold the same values we did when George employed his first team back in 1979 – our people are our success, a value that remains at the forefront of our plans going forward. We’ve a very exciting year ahead of us with plans to heavily invest in our people and infrastructure; something you can read more about on page 16, as well as a substantial schedule of events, and of course, 40th birthday celebrations. As always, we’ll keep you up to date with all of our ventures and activities. On another note… the ‘B’ Word. I must mention our team’s tremendous efforts, they’ve been working tirelessly to ensure our clients businesses are in a stable position and ready to tackle whatever may be thrown at us all over the coming months. Aside from this, we’ll leave the rest of discussions to the politicians. I hope you enjoy this edition of Field Notes; we’ve certainly enjoyed putting it together for you. Please keep a close eye on our social media channels and website for upcoming news and updates from our team.’’ ▪